Time for Unity: The Day St Vincent Made Me a Mixtape about America [Beats 1 Radio]

Look ma, I'm on the radio! After a pretty involved conversation about the state of things in America today, the musician St Vincent made me a mixtape.

Over the past several months I’ve been hooked on St Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service, a radio show on Apple Music/Beats 1 in which a person sends a letter on a topic, the musician St Vincent selects that letter and interviews the person by phone, then she weaves together a custom mixtape (of songs that happen to be available on Apple Music).

The topics range anywhere from wanting to be motivated to get in shape or to zone out on a crowded subway to asking the big questions about God, life, and the universe. And as you may have seen from my writing, I do like to go on at length about America, politics, religion, and life in the big city.

 St Vincent wants to know...

St Vincent wants to know...

Well, one day at the office I noticed that St Vincent’s website was asking for submissions to the show, so I wrote one. The next day I received an email that is been selected. So one lunch hour, I sat in a dark, cramped phone booth/pod at the office having an extended conversation with Annie Clark (St Vincent is her stage persona) about all these things.

I listened nervously the night before Thanksgiving as the show played live, afraid perhaps I’d gotten too confessional, said something embarrassing, or otherwise put my foot in my mouth, but it stands as a pretty solid record of my stance and approach to life. (Although I do wish the sound quality of my cell phone has been better).

In short, I got to talk with a rock star about America and Jesus, the Reagan years, the difference between living in middle America and NYC, working in advertising AND a church and the incongruities between them, the corrosive effects of social media, the temptations of empire, how we might get along and learn to talk to one another when we don't all know the answers, and the subversive nature of Christian love in its practical application.

It was great fun talking. Annie is such a conscientious and generous listener. I really appreciated the opportunity to do this.

If you like the writings on John Doe Society and Hope Vs Hope, you’ll be interested to hear this conversation. Plus there’s some pretty awesome music along the way!

You can listen to it on demand here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/station/time-for-unity/ra.1316138704

You can also find just the playlist here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/ep-43-st-vincents-mixtape-playlist/pl.2082b332f14a4b6084f2ac5095827502

The video here is the teaser posted by Beats 1. (BTW, if you don't have Apple Radio, there are some fans who post the show--drop me a line and I'll send you a link to the MP3).