Choose Liberty: A Call for a Focused Approach To Terrorism [via John Doe Society]

Last night I stayed up, unadvisedly, reading certain conservative reactions in Twitter to the recent Terrorist attacks in London. Not real, measured, thoughtful Conservative thinkers, but pop culture types: Sarah PalinMichelle Malkin, and President Trump himself. And I found each one of them using these acts of evil to meet their own ends, namely to paint their political opponents as ignorant, naive, or out of touch, and to bolster support for broad-based political and military solutions that target entire regions, or even religions, instead of focusing on our actual enemies.

Palin has chosen to spend her time ridiculing left-leaning celebrities, who are a pretty easy target in making liberals look like they are missing the point. In one instance, Palin pointed to an article about pop singer Katie Perry telling an audience in Manchester to choose love. Despite the fact that one might also have heard the "choose love" message in church that morning as well, Palin's followers were quick to jump in and point out how stupid this sounds as a response to violence, suggesting instead military retaliation.

Malkin echoed other political pundits in saying that when attackers announce "This is for Allah," that leftist pundits who claim not to understand the assailants motives are out of touch with reality.

The President was quick to use the tragedy as leverage for his own agenda--class act, this guy--of instituting a sweeping travel ban from several "high risk" countries and instituting "extreme vetting" of immigrants and visitors for our safety. 

But here's what they have wrong. It's not that the entire left-leaning side of America has missed the point that ISIS has religious motives. They realize this radical group considers itself the representative of true Islam. This is not lost on the Left. They get it.