Stories Matter.

If there's anything that years of working as an advertising writer and in a church has taught me, it's that if you want to convince someone to buy something, even just an idea, facts and figures alone aren't enough to do the job. It takes a story to move hearts and minds. 

Tell a potential customer that a new camera is a 20 megapixel with 28x zoom and 720 p video, and they're soon lost in a blur of numbers. But show them how easily they can capture their baby’s first steps, and they are sold.

Tell a heart patient that a pill will lower their blood pressure a few points may make them nod, until they walk back out to the waiting room and forget the name.  But show them they will live long enough to go to their daughter’s wedding? That will make them a customer.

Tell someone they are loved by the divine and need to be good, they may give you an hmm-mmm as they genuflect and head out the door. Open up and tell them how your broken life was changed forever one fateful day, and you've started a dialogue.

We may want to think of ourselves as rational, but our brains are wired to respond to the stories we read, hear, and experience. 

Stories not only drive our choices in what we buy and consume, but what we believe, what we hope for, what we fear, even what we conceive of as possible. 

Stories have a way of breaking down the frameworks that limit what information we let in or let pass us by, and allow new understanding to flow in through those cracks. 

Hearing others' stories--learning where they are from, what their experiences are, where they hurt and what they celebrate, what challenges they face every day--makes it hard to think of them as a nameless, faceless other.  

Stories bring people to life, despite race, economics, religion, how they vote or who they love. 

Stories help us begin to understand. 

Here and on my other websites, you will find some of the stories important to me. 

Some are stories I've written to follow characters through their journeys. 

Some are explorations of the narratives of politics and beliefs, with an eye to getting down to what we can call real and true. 

And you can also find out how I can help work with you to tell your story. 

Thanks for taking the time to explore with me!