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My Advertising Work

What's your story? If you are looking for information about my advertising copy services, please visit for contact information and to request rates and samples. I love telling stories, and can't wait to help you tell yours! 

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Featured in "Novel"! 

The Adversary:Book 1, Election

An advertising man on the edge of failure gets a shot of redemption from a tough-talking presidential candidate who promises heaven on earth--but may open the door to something more sinister. (Exerpts.)



Featured in "Stories"!

The Arrow of Time

A philosopher solves the problem of time, the universe, and everything--until love walks in.


The Coming Fire

Every time John the Baptist comes back to Earth, he speaks the language of the time--if they'd only listen.

I am a writer and advertising professional in New York City. This is what I write. 


Stories Matter.


Stories are what connect us with one another, with an audience, with what is true.

You can tell somebody facts all day, but nothing can truly change people's hearts and minds like telling a story.

Here are some of mine.

Some I’ve written for the pure enjoyment of it—explorations of faith and love, celebrations of heroes and rock & roll.

Some are meant to challenge the most sacred narratives around us, political and philosophical, that define who we think we are.

Thank you for taking the time to read my work. I look forward to hearing your feedback!