A little more about me.


I am Kelly Wilson and I write about belief. I’m a writer, advertising professional, and church worker, whose nonfiction, fiction, and advertising writings have appeared on blogs, radio, web and print advertising, as well as online journals. You can learn more about my advertising company, Ready Writer NYC, by clicking here.

I come from a background that was both politically and religiously conservative in the midwest of the 20th century. After a bit of wandering, I now find myself in the heart of 21st century NYC, where I'm passionate about exploring connections between people with differing backgrounds and traditions.

In addition to my work in advertising, I am also on the staff as a sound engineer at New York’s iconic Cathedral of St John the Divine, where I have recorded at 1,000 sermons—and may have picked up a thing or two along the way. I am also co-creator of an upcoming live series and podcast called Radical Love Live, in partnership with spiritual navigator Mark Dilcom and the Congregation of Saint Saviour.

Here at KellyWilson.com you’ll find updates on my writing and on my journey. If you are interested in following or supporting my work, follow the links to my newsletter and Patreon page.

Thanks for reading!

Photo by: Tamara Rafkin

Photo by: Tamara Rafkin