I Am Kelly Wilson.

And this website is the portal to everything I'm working on right now. I'm a writer, advertising professional, and I work on the staff of a landmark church in New York City.

I divide my writing time between helping brands and companies tell their marketing stories, creating articles about politics and faith that challenge the points of view that often divide us, and weaving stories that aim to entertain, maybe even inspire. 

I grew up in a conservative, hard-working, evangelical family under the wide-open skies of Indiana, where I first picked up a pen to describe the world I saw and ask about those things I didn't. Inspired in equal parts by Clark Kent's pilgrimage from Smallville to Metropolis and by T.S. Garp's declaration that he was going to "Go to New York to become a real writer," I moved to NYC 20 years ago and never looked back. 

The huge cultural gap between conservative, small-town Midwestern values and the progressive ideas of the metropolitan East Coast form the backdrop for the political blog John Doe Society, which seeks to find some sanity and common ground in our fractured political climate. An abiding faith in mystery, combined with an ongoing skepticism that won't rest until it has found evidence provides the engine for the blog Hope Vs Hope, which explores topics of belief. To explore my promotional writing and find opportunities to collaborate on telling your business' story, check out his business site, Ready Writer NYC.

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